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Why Ventilate ?
Due to faulty design, atmospheric & process generated heat, there is a crying need for adequate ventilation in Industrial, Commercial & Community Application.

Mukta Wind Ventilator offers assured 24 x 7 ventilation at zero operating cost. A slightest wind draft induces outward airflow by centrifugal force. This results in negative pressure inside the building. Fresh Ambient Air from outside rushes in to maintain equilibrium. This flow of current creates a continuous cycle of ventilation.
Advantages ::::
▪ No operating cost, runs on wind energy
▪ Assured 24 x 7 ventilation
▪ 80% depreciation under section 32 of IT Act
▪ Replaces hot air, humidity, stale air, smoke & gas fumes with fresh ambient air
▪ Improves human comfort level & productivity
▪ Can be fitted to any type of roofing profile

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